Easter Appeal: Support Our Mission

Click here to donate!   COLFS Easter Appeal May Easter peace and blessings be with you. Christ calls us to love one another with the same love that He shows us: an all-encompassing and unconditional outpouring of self-sacrificing love. At … Continued

Community Spotlight: Mercedes Aguilar

Mercedes Aguilar is the leader of the English Pro-Life Ministry at St. Mary’s Parish in Escondido. “I wouldn’t have believed I would be in this position ten years ago!” she mentioned. At twenty-five years old, she was in the same … Continued

2020 Summary: Ministry Wrap Up

Looking back at the last year, we have been challenged. We have been consistently tested by the reality of a global pandemic that has caused so much disruption in our lives, literally separating us from our loved ones. Yet, we … Continued

Annual Appeal: We Need Your Help!

Click to Donate Now! Christ: The Source of Our Hope This Christmas season we remember the true source of our hope, Jesus Christ, who brings the light of life into the world. Let our hearts leap with joy at the … Continued

COLFS Virtual Gala Highlights: 10/24/20

Watch the First Half Highlights: Introductions and Fundraising with Sean Kelly: https://youtu.be/Efc-C0Ry4gI Watch the Second Half Highlights: Conversation with David Bereit, Dr. Delgado and Bishop Bejarano! https://youtu.be/JiQ230SzHWM Watch the presentation of the Sue Lopez Pro Life Persons of the Year … Continued

Event Summary: 2020 Gala

As we look back at this extraordinary year, it was only fitting that we at Culture of Life Family Services (COLFS) had an unusual, yet so incredible, first ever virtual Gala. Hosted this past Saturday, October 24, 2020 at John … Continued

Community Spotlight: Danielle Turner

At only age 24, Danielle Turner has quite the story to tell. Upon realizing she was pregnant for the second time following the tragic miscarriage of her son, Aiden, at six months, she discovered COLFS by accident. Initially seeking services … Continued