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Stacy’s Testimony: Saving Baby Brayleigh


I became pregnant with my beautiful daughter Brayleigh out of wedlock after her father and I had only been dating for three months. I was caught off guard because the last time I had been pregnant was eight years earlier with Brayleigh’s sister, Riley.

When I told Brayleigh’s father I was pregnant, he was not supportive. I was really confused, scared, and felt alone. My mom drove me to the clinic the first time, but I could sense something didn’t feel right. So we turned around and drove back home.

Two days later, still scared and feeling alone, I drove back to the clinic by myself. I took the first pill to block the progesterone from forming in my body, essentially preventing my baby from getting the nutrients she needed to grow and basically starving her.

I immediately regretted taking that pill. I wanted to spit it out, but they watch you and check your mouth afterwards. I was almost 10 weeks pregnant when I took the first pill. I just wanted my baby to be okay. I scheduled an appointment with a local ultrasound place and to my relief, my baby had a strong heartbeat! I didn’t tell the ultrasound tech why it was such a miracle to hear her little heart.

I immediately searched online about emergency abortion pill reversal. I was down to the last hour before the effects of the pill would become irreversible when I called the hotline number. Amazingly, someone answered! The lady was so sweet and said that she found a location in Escondido for me to go to. I was met by the most amazing staff at the Escondido COLFS Medical Clinic.

My nurse practitioner’s name was Jenna. She started me on a progesterone regiment, and I started seeing them regularly. I am so grateful for her and her team.

Today, Brayleigh is 13 months old. I thank God for my daughters every night. They bring so much love and joy to my life. I especially thank God for saving my daughter Brayleigh. Brayleigh means “ray of hope” and Bray is Irish for marsh; so she is my Ray of Hope from the Marsh of 2020.

I want you to know how much hope and joy COLFS is providing for the community and encourage you to continue your efforts in supporting them. You are making a difference! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!