The following are brief descriptions of the various offerings at COLFS:

For more information, contact the ministry team at or call (760) 741-1224


The Case for Pro-Life (Pro-life responses to pro-choice arguments)

The “Case for Pro-Life” presentation is a comprehensive study of what it means to be pro-life. It covers topics such as theology of the body, fetal development, and pro-life responses to pro-choice arguments. This presentation is geared toward high school students, and can be delivered in schools, religious education classes, and any other gathering of young people. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering this presentation online for a limited time:

Video Link: Part 1 and Part 2

Case for Pro Life Worksheet


COLFS Ambassador Program

The COLFS Ambassador Program is intended for all who wish to promote COLFS as an advocate inside and outside our clinic, including employees, volunteers, members of church organizations, and anyone else who would like to share COLFS’ pro-life resources. This program walks attendees through the various services and resources available at COLFS. This is a great place to start if you would like to help out, but are unsure of where your talents can be used!


Earn While You Learn

EWYL is a program intended for parents and expecting parents. Through this program, moms and dads watch Brightcourse videos online, and complete homework in order to earn “Baby Bucks”. These “Baby Bucks” can be cashed in at our Baby Boutique at either of our office in Mission Valley or Escondido. This program provides parents with both a valuable education and baby supplies to help them in their transition into parenthood, or into welcoming additional children into their families. 


Fertility Awareness (7th & 8th Grade) – Coming soon!

The target audience for this presentation is younger girls, just entering puberty. Our goal for this program is that young girls would know the beauty of their bodies and the reverence they deserve. We believe that the more young women know about their body and the truth of sexuality, the better they will respect it when they grow older.


Fertility Awareness (Adults) – Coming soon!

This class is aimed at women and couples in their reproductive years who wish to learn Natural Family Planning (NFP) in order to track their cycles. This will help them learn valuable health information as well as being useful for family planning purposes. Our hope is that women will learn about the beauty of their bodies and realize the reverence due to this beautiful creation of God.


Financial Literacy – Coming soon!

Financial Literacy, in conjunction with Financial Beginnings, will focus on areas such as: banking, budgeting, credit, investing, and risk management. Participants will gain a solid understanding of personal finance essentials through hands-on learning,


Nursing Moms Club/ Prenatal Education

The Nursing Moms Club is for pregnant and nursing moms alike, and is located at our COLFS Escondido office. During this discussion-based group, moms get advice on lactation from one of our friendly lactation consultants. This group is also awesome for building camaraderie with other moms and discussing topics such as nutrition, sleep, and parenting


“Persuasive Pro-Life” small group study – Coming soon!

This study of Trent Horn’s book Persuasive Pro-Life is for those who wish to articulate the pro-life position in an effective and charitable manner. This small group book study is ideal for college pro-life groups and church groups who wish to learn more about articulating the pro-life position.


True Choices (Sexual Integrity)

True Choices is a presentation about Sexual Risk Avoidance, and the possible emotional, physical, and spiritual consequences of sex outside of marriage. This program is presented by a Registered Nurse, and is available for presentation in  high school classrooms, youth groups, confirmation programs, etc.

Video Link: True Choices video

True Choices Worksheet