Culture of Life Family Services (COLFS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women and families in unplanned, crisis pregnancies and offering a true choice to abortion methods.


COLFS is seeking qualified people to fill the following positions:

Ministry Operations Manager

Medical Assistant


Ministry Operations Manager

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Job Description

The Ministry Operations Manager is expected to enthusiastically and without reservation accept, embrace and promote our mission, always knowing and staying in accord with the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.

The Ministry Operations Manager is expected to live a life that is not contrary to our mission and that does not tarnish the reputation of COLFS or Culture of Life Family Health Career (COLFHC). The Ministry Operations Manager will report to COLFS President and CEO.

Responsible for a full range of operational processes, including leading the COLFS Ministry team; own and implement strategic vision for short and long term success of ministry side of business; create operation and strategic planning reports for ministry, oversee ministry budget; oversee COLFS client pregnancy services; oversee outreach programs to schools and churches, and client education activities and support public relations and marketing activities for COLFS ministry division. The position will collaborate closely with the leadership team and manage the Ministry staff under direct supervision of supervisors, or team leads. Lead the staff in prayer daily and be a part of team meetings. Utilize current network and continue to network to pro-life community. Performs other related functions, as necessary.

For further breakdown of the role, please see all functions below:


As part of the COLFS Leadership Team, the Ministry Operations Manager will work closely with the CEO/President, Medical Director, Clinic Managers, Business Operations Manager, Development Director and board of directors (BOD) in a cooperative manner.

· Work as a team with the various leaders of COLFS programs and events

· Generate summary operational and strategic planning reports

· Lead and Inspire COLFS Ministry Team (paid and volunteer staff)

· Own and implement strategic vision for long-term success

· Delegate and empower key talent

· Champion COLFS mission and vision


Personnel Management

The Ministry Operations Manager will define and clearly document roles and responsibilities for supporting team members.

· Oversee employee and volunteer recruiting, tracking, and training

· Build and maintain team morale, resolve conflicts · Ensure regular 360-degree communication,

· Provide frank, honest, and constructive evaluation and performance assessments

· Manage compensation and raise pools (consistent with budget planning)

· Document job descriptions, roles, and responsibilities

· Maintain and update training material COLFS Pregnancy Support Programs The Ministry Operations Manager will oversee COLFS client pregnancy services.

· Client advocate training and coordination

· Support staff training and coordination

· Client tracking and metrics

· Client counseling programs

· Client relations, follow-up, and referrals

· Client material and financial support.

· Facilitate fee and sliding scale medical support for clients

· Client support events (baby showers)


Outreach and Educational Programs

The Ministry Operations Manager will oversee outreach programs to schools and churches, and client education activities.

· High school and college pro-life group sponsorship

· High school and college speaking engagements

· Pro-life and chastity educational media generation and presentation

· Client Life skills, financial literacy and related education programs

· NaProTECHNOLOGY and natural family planning support education

· Post-abortive and miscarriage support


Public Relations and Client Marketing

The Ministry Operations Manager will support public relations and marketing activities.

· Coordinate client marketing programs

· Publish newsletters (mail and email)

· Generate advertisements: print and media

· Support radio Interviews and speaking engagements

· Maintain and update web sites (donor and client-focused)

· Coordinate with SEO support team

· Generate blogs, columns, posts, and others

· Support community events

· Update social media

· Networking in the pro-life community



Medical Assistant

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Job Description

The COLFS Medical Assistant will be hard-working, detail-oriented, and a quick learner who is interested in providing high quality care. They must be able to perform under a stressful/busy environment and a willingness to work with a highly functioning team. Medical Assistant must have:
• Good communication and customer service skills – written and verbal skills a plus
• Professional attitude and appearance
• Good attendance/punctuality
• Able to learn quickly and retain information
• Proficient using multiple software applications, practice management system and EHR
Duties will include:
Administrative Duties (may include, but not limited to):
• Using computer applications
• Answering telephones
• Take telephone messages and provide feedback and answers to patient/physician/pharmacy
• Greeting patients
• Updating and scanning patient medical records
• Confirming insurance eligibility
• Scheduling appointments
• Handling correspondence
• Collection of co-pays upon check-in
Clinical Duties (may include, but not limited to):
• Taking medical histories
• Taking vital signs
• Reconciliation of medication lists
• Explaining treatment procedures to patients
• Preparing patients for examination
• Preparing charts for physician
• Ordering imaging and labs as directed by physician
• Assisting the physician during exams and procedures
• Collecting and preparing laboratory specimens
• Performing basic laboratory tests
• Instructing patients about medication and special diets
• Preparing medications as directed by a physician
• Maintain injection log
• Authorizing prescription refills as directed
• Taking electrocardiograms
• Changing dressings
• Stock examination rooms
• Maintain instruments
• Prepare sterilization of instruments as required
• Keep inventory of medications and supplies
• Maintain all logs and required checks (i.e. refrigerator temperatures, freezer temperatures, test autoclave machine, test solutions, emergency medications, expired medications, oxygen, crash cart inventory, etc.)
• Provide coverage for other MAs as needed
• Other duties as assigned by supervisor; travel may be required