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COLFS Locations and Contact Information

COLFS Ministry Office
362 W Mission Ave, Suite 101, Escondido, CA 92025

COLFS Medical Clinic (
362 W Mission Ave, Suite 105, Escondido, CA 92025

Contact Information

To contact us please email: or call 760-741-1224

COLFS Overview

Culture of Life Family Services (COLFS), founded in 2000, is the only Catholic organization in Southern California which offers comprehensive medical care and pro-life pregnancy clinic services for women and children.

The primary mission of COLFS is to ensure that Christ-centered medical care and pregnancy clinic services are available to all women regardless of ability to pay. This mission includes access to Abortion Pill Reversal for women who have regret after starting a medication-induced abortion.

COLFS Medical Clinic services include client counseling, ultrasounds, medical care and follow-up support for women and families in need, including referrals for housing and adoption.

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COLFS Programs

Medical Management Services: COLFS operates a full family practice, COLFS Medical Clinic, in partnership with Culture of Life Family Healthcare (COLFHC).

Healthcare Assistance: COLFS provides medical fee assistance on a sliding scale for medical services provided by COLFHC for those in need, especially women and families affected by unplanned pregnancy.   We provide services regardless of a client / patient’s ability to pay.

Pregnancy Care Clinic: COLFS is dedicated to helping women who have unplanned pregnancies with ultrasound, pregnancy tests, APR and support advocacy regardless of ability to pay.

Client Advocacy and Material Support: COLFS provides support to our clients through their pregnancy and beyond. We are focused on providing spiritual and material support.

Post Abortive and Miscarriage Support: COLFS provides support for women and families affected by abortion and miscarriage.

Education: COLFS provides chastity, fertility, life skills, parenting, and prenatal training programs.

Outreach: COLFS is active in the San Diego community, especially to parishes, high schools, colleges and universities in the area.

Abortion Pill Reversal Protocol: COLFS pioneered APR, a revolutionary program that reverses the effects of the abortion pill, giving women a second chance. APR is now a partnership with Heartbeat International.  COLFS is responsible for maintaining the APR Protocol.