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Volunteer Spotlight: Karen Baker

You might be surprised to find out that one of our COLFS volunteers, Karen Baker, loves a good mystery book. But her real passion is reading Christian books and learning more about her favorite saint, Thérèse of Lisieux, the little flower. In fact, Thérèse’s little way is the approach Karen takes in volunteering at COLFS, trying to live up to Thérèse counsel to “miss no single opportunity of making some small sacrifice ” Karen says: “It’s important to just do small things with love just reaching out to people in little ways and trusting the Holy Spirit will do his work.” It not just the little things, though, that Karen works on for COLFS. She really likes that her volunteer work has also tapped into some of her skills from her past career too. But she is more than happy to help out “wherever God puts me.” Karen says the best thing about volunteering with COLFS is “knowing that God wants me here for a reason” and that she is a visible witness to her family in not just words, but by example.

Karen has been an example for a long time. She became a volunteer at COLFS after signing up at a booth during a pro-life walk about four years ago. But she has been involved in the pro-life cause for over twenty years. Karen and her husband, Dave, started out organizing very successful fundraising dinners at her parish to raise money and spreads awareness of pro-life issues. She also helped out with the Annual Baby Bottle Drive at her local parish before becoming an “official” volunteer at COLFS. Now she helps coordinate and prepare for the Baby Bottle Drives at all the parishes throughout the year.

When asked to think of three words that would best describe her, Karen answered: “loving, kind, and Catholic.” She loves working with “God filled people” and believes volunteering is a great experience no matter what faith you are. She says, “its import to show God that you’re part of his team” and “If you feel the Lord wants you here answer his call and don’t be afraid or nervous. Step out of your comfort zone and just take that first step.” She also advises that if you are thinking about volunteering: “Pray about it.”

The one thing Karen wishes more people knew about COLFS is that “it’s more than just for the pregnant women it’s a pro-life family practice for all ages, for whatever reason.” And the one thing that really surprised her about volunteering here was “how much I feel at home!” Karen said that when she wrote her name on the volunteer interest sheet four years ago, she heard God tell her: “What do you have to lose? Just sign up and if they need you, they will call you.” And sure enough she got the call, and we are glad she did! Thanks, Karen, for your hard work and dedication as a volunteer.

The volunteers at COLFS are a tremendous resource. As a matter of fact, we would have a hard time accomplishing all the tasks necessary to serve our community without the help of our volunteers … from our Baby Bottle drives to our Client Advocates. We have had so many volunteers over the years who generously give of their time and talents on an ongoing basis and some who help out here and there for specific projects. They all volunteer with the intent of helping others and promoting the mission of COLFS and, in the process, have recognized the common wisdom that those who give of themselves also receive. – Deacon John