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‘No Covering Up the Generosity!’

Across the country, healthcare workers were facing a big problem … the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) including gowns, face shields, and face masks due to the onslaught from the Coronavirus. COLFS was no exception. In the first few days of April, COLFS had less than 300 masks available for our staff and patients. So, the call went out!

Dr. George Delgado, our medical director, identified a pattern for a face mask that would be acceptable for our needs and a request was sent out to our friends and supports looking for help from anyone who was gifted with the ability to sew and would be willing to make and donate face masks. By the end of the day, over sixty people respond wanting to help and the pattern was provided to them. As I write this, I am still getting emails from people who would like to help … three weeks later!

Well, the face masks have been coming in … thru the mail, hand delivered to our offices, left out for pickup on front steps and at churches. We are getting masks with patriotic themes, cartoon themes, 

flowers, and even donut patterns on them. Some people have even been able to donate medical face masks from what they had on hand in their own inventory or were waiting for their own supplies to replenish and have since made generous donations. I heard from one generous volunteer, who sewed close to 200 face masks, that she stood in line for three hours to get into a fabric store to purchase materials to make the masks! Some volunteers also made masks for other organizations and shared some with COLFS once they heard of the need.

We are so thankful for your generosity and willingness to help! Our heartfelt thanks to all those who helped us in this endeavor! Blessings!