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Community Spotlight: Myra

Meet Myra

Myra with a gift basket

Myra was pregnant with twins when she came into COLFS Medical Clinic. Her pregnancy was unexpected, but that did not stop her from choosing life. On December 20th, 2019 she gave birth to two beautiful baby girls named Adeline Faith and Angeline Hope. Her girls were born prematurely, and have been in the NICU getting bigger and gaining strength. Soon they will be home with Myra and their big sister Alaiah. Myra is so excited for Alaiah to bond with her new sisters and to finally have all of her girls together.

“My girls are blessed. They have a purpose in life. God provides for them and He knows they are special” -Myra

Twins: Adeline and Angeline

Myra’s Baby Shower

With the help of Randi McDonnell (a long-time COLFS Client Advocate), Gina Adam’s and her baby shower team, and the St. Timothy’s Pro-Life Ministry, we hosted a baby shower for Myra on February 17th at our Mission Valley clinic. COLFS Baby Showers are put on for mothers that are very dear to us and are in great need of material support. Myra had very little for her twins before the baby shower, but she now has everything she needs to take care of her girls when they come home. Myra is so appreciative of every gift she received and every person that attended her baby shower.

Randi has been working with Myra since she first stepped into our clinic, and is constantly inspired by Myra’s determination, grace, and deep love for her children. Randi is so grateful for the beautiful relationship she has built with Myra, and has been honored to walk alongside her in this journey.


 “I am so grateful for everything COLFS has done for me and my family, especially my twins” -Myra