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Community Spotlight: Penny Ramirez

Speaking in her native Spanish, Penny Ramirez, shares her testimony. Even if one does not speak Spanish, or have a basic understanding of the language, her light shines so bright that her passion for life is understood.

A parishioner of a local Catholic church since 2008, Penny has been spearheading pro-life efforts from well before. Having grown up in Mexico to a non-practicing Catholic family, all she knew was that ‘bad’ women get abortions and that sexual relations were not to be discussed until marriage with little explanation as to why. It was only when she began working at a local naval hospital where she learned more about abortions and the lasting impact it carries on women. In the years since, she has dedicated herself to “talking life into other women,” and referring countless women to Rachel’s Hope, a local post-abortive support center. Also, she has led a Natural Family Planning group for years so that women can become better educated on their birthing choices.

Penny is a well-educated, fierce woman who has used her gifts to serve those in need. She has several certifications, including a Master’s degree in pastoral studies, but none of these degrees equate to her lived experience that has supported and fulfilled the needs of those around her. Soon after the completion of her Master’s, she met Culture of Life Family Services (COLFS) Medical Director, Dr. George Delgado, and it was he who helped her finish her research paper on pre-natal deaths, and coped with the tragedy of miscarrying her twin boys.

What is most striking about Penny is her humility. She is so soft spoken, yet so mighty in her actions. From the relationships she has developed within the community, she has been able to provide families with the ability to bury their miscarried children in donated caskets so that mothers and their families can lay their children in peace with the Lord. “[She] is an engaging, energetic, faithful pro-life advocate,” says Dr. Delgado, “she is invaluable to the Spanish-speaking community in San Diego County. She is a cherished, trusted ally.”

As Penny continues to shine light into those around her, one of her main goals to educate the Hispanic community on health and unite Escondido with a pro-life mission.

“She is a passion-filled woman who is not afraid to do the Lord’s work,” says COLFS President/CEO, Maria Moreno, “she will always go above and beyond to complete His mission… she is a warrior.”

To learn more about Penny, and join her pro-life mission, please contact the Ministry Team directly at or by phone at 760-294-6165.