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Community Spotlight: The Lampkin’s

Meet the Lampkin’s, a family of seven that have been faithful COLFS patients for 15 years now! The Lampkin family has been receiving care from our providers before they even had children. Jenica Lampkin, the mother of the family, shared that they have had great experiences with our medical providers over the years and believe they provide thorough care for patients. During a period of difficulty with their health insurance, Dr. Saroki gave the Lampkin’s her personal contact information to get them referred back to COLFS for primary care, which made the Lampkin’s truly feel a part of the family. They deeply trust our medical providers and won’t go anywhere else!


The Lampkin’s have five children, ages 11, 9, 6, 2, and 8 months old. The first four children are girls, and they just welcomed their first baby boy to the family. Jenica homeschools the kids, and her husband is both a musician and sound engineer. In addition to the basic topics of learning, homeschooling also allows Jenica to cover extracurricular topics like music and dance, which the kids love. Jenica believes it is important to incorporate important life skills in her homeschooling curriculum and is always coming up with creative ways to teach her children new things. One fun fact about the Lampkin’s is that they have chickens at home and built a chicken coop from the ground up as a family project during the COVID pandemic.


Jenica is an active participant in our “Earn While You Learn” (EWYL) program at COLFS. She is so grateful for the material support offered from the EWYL Program because she has two kids in diapers, and diapers are not cheap! Additionally, since she homeschools her children, she takes advantage of the lessons offered through EWYL and watches them with her kids. She has been able to teach her kids lessons on CPR, finance, and other important life skills. Jenica loves learning from the Life Skills and Parenting lessons on listening, how to talk to children, and ways to help improve their self-confidence. Lastly, since Jenica is also a strong woman of faith, she loves when the lessons have a foundation in Scripture. The “Earn While You Learn” Program has allowed Jenica to receive the items she regularly needs for her family, all while providing education to them and helping her become the best parent she can be.


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