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Event Summary: Marching for Life

March for Life Washington D.C.
January 24th, 2020

COLFS Medical Director, Dr. George Delgado and his wife Liz, attended the March for Life in Washington D.C. for the second time on January 24th, 2020, and they graciously shared with me their experience at this historic event. There were 500,000 people present at the March, the event bursting with young families and students; people from all walks of life. Dr. Delgado described the atmosphere of the event as enthusiastic, joyful, peaceful, and confident throughout the constant praying, singing, and chanting for the rights of the unborn. While at the March for Life, the Delgado’s represented the Steno Institute at the Expo, a pro-life medical research organization founded by Dr. Delgado. They attended an inter-denominational prayer vigil on the steps of the Supreme Court before the March, and Dr. Delgado addressed the crowd at a Planned Parenthood protest. Some of Liz’s favorite signs from the March read “Unborn babies feel joy” and “Love them both” because they both communicated the positive pro-life message. Liz shared that they have attended the pro-life walks in San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, but the March for Life in D.C. is so powerful because it builds momentum into local walks for life and fuels the passion to bring the pro-life message into the community. This gathering provides the opportunity to meet pro-lifers from all over the country at the nation’s Capital, which serves as a reminder that we are not the only ones out there, and the pro-life movement is very much alive.

“The March for Life is a bucket list item for anyone who wants to experience the joy of the Pro-Life movement”   -Liz Delgado

San Diego Walk for Life
January 18th, 2020

Ariana Liberatore, one of our volunteers at COLFS, attended the San Diego Walk for Life on January 18th, 2020. This was her second time attending the Walk for Life in San Diego as a volunteer with COLFS. The crowd was filled with people from all walks of life, including young adults, families, older people, religious groups, and even pets, all exuding excitement and joy. In addition to the walk itself, the event had live worship music, exhibitor booths, and speakers including Bishop Robert McElroy, Auxiliary Bishop John Dolan, and many others who shared their stories. Ariana was most moved by the presence of young people at the walk, especially families with their children. Though the kids may not have understood what was happening, Ariana found their presence so special, stating, “Even the littlest of souls are making a statement for the unborn.” Ariana would highly recommend people attend this event, so they care learn what it means to be pro-life and recognize that they are not alone in their beliefs.

“Seeing so many young faces just gives me hope that maybe this next generation will be able to finally overturn the laws in this country that make abortion legal” -ARIANA LIBERATORE