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Join us in making a profound difference during these critical times. Last year’s Dobbs decision overturning Roe vs Wade has unleashed new challenges, particularly in states like California, which has become a “sanctuary” for unrestricted abortion access. Pro-life clinics like COLFS Medical Clinic are now under legal attack.

However, our determination has only intensified. We are resolute in our mission to reach more abortion-minded women with a message of hope, revealing the immeasurable beauty of the precious life they carry within. We want them to know they are never alone, for our team at COLFS and our compassionate community are committed to providing support, assistance, and healing at every step.

COLFS is the only Catholic crisis pregnancy clinic in San Diego. Our unique combination of a ministry and full-service family practice provides comprehensive services not available elsewhere in the region.  COLFS serves the whole person, saves babies, provides real choice for women and rebuilds families regardless of their ability to pay.

Help Us Continue to Reach and Serve More Women and Families. 

At COLFS, we have set our sights high. We are making significant financial investments to reach and support more abortion-vulnerable women. Here are some key initiatives we have undertaken:

  • Establishing a yearly $120,000 budget for web-based patient and client outreach.
  • Employing a full-time registered nurse to support clinic ultrasounds.
  • Hiring a dedicated patient services and marketing team to reach and serve abortion vulnerable women.
  • Expanding our ministry program team to provide even more material, financial, and spiritual support for women who choose life and families in need.
  • Ensuring the provision of medical care and support to patients, regardless of their ability to pay, including essential services like ultrasounds and prenatal care.

The Challenge: Sustaining Our Programs

As we make these significant investments in fighting the culture of death, the demand for our services will inevitably increase. While we can now save more lives and reach more mothers, we cannot do it without your support. COLFS depends on you, our invaluable partners in ministry, to help us reach abortion-minded women and provide them with life-affirming care and support.

COLFS Depends on You!

In these challenging times, your contribution becomes the beacon of hope that guides these women toward life-affirming choices. Every dollar donated makes a profound difference, bringing us one step closer to empowering these women with the love, care, and support they truly deserve.

Will you stand with us? Together, let us shape a world where every life is cherished, protected, and celebrated. Join us in this arduous yet profoundly rewarding journey. Your support matters, now more than ever.

Your support makes it possible for us to save and heal lives. You provide the means for us to bring healing and hope to the countless women and families we serve. We are truly blessed to have you as a member of the COLFS family. I humbly ask for your help in continuing to expand God's work in San Diego County. Our Christ-centered ministry depends on YOU!

May God bless you and your family abundantly,

George Delgado, MD