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COLFS Easter Appeal

May Easter peace and blessings be with you. Christ calls us to love one another with the same love that He shows us: an all-encompassing and unconditional outpouring of self-sacrificing love. At COLFS, we receive this commandment as our highest calling, and this message is at the heart of everything we do.

This call to love our clients and patients with the love of Christ kept our mission strong despite the many challenges presented in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic. The stress of the pandemic has been even more challenging for women who find themselves in unplanned pregnancies, and COLFS has been there; we never shut our doors. Our pregnancy patient numbers actually climbed during the hardest months of the pandemic.

Without COLFS and the extensive health and support services we offer, these women may have never come to know their inherent dignity, their child’s dignity, or that they are strong enough to answer the calling to motherhood. Let me share some of their stories with you.

Tammy was battling a drug and alcohol addiction when she found out she was pregnant. Abortion seemed like the best option for her before she received an ultrasound at COLFS and was connected to a Client Support Specialist who listened to her story. We referred Tammy to a treatment program to work on her sobriety and she took advantage of COLFS’ Earn While You Learn program to educate herself on how to be the best parent she can be and earn credits to shop in the Baby Boutique. We gave Tammy dozens of baby supplies to help prepare for the baby on the way, and her Client Support Specialist provided her constant support until the day she gave birth. Tammy remained sober through the rest of her pregnancy, and gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl in November.

Samantha had just ended her relationship with her boyfriend when she found out she was pregnant. Her first thought was to take the abortion pill because she did not believe she could handle a pregnancy alone. However, she had second thoughts and found COLFS by googling “how to reverse an abortion”. We immediately booked her an appointment, and Samantha’s ultrasound showed fetal activity and a good prognosis for a healthy pregnancy. She was placed with a Client Support Specialist to work through the unexpected factors of the abortion pill reversal process, learn how to emotionally prepare for this major life change, and develop a plan to co-parent with her baby’s father. We continue to provide Samantha ongoing support, and she finally sees her child as a gift as she awaits the birth this coming July.

In the face of great pressure to choose abortion, these women were empowered to choose life because of the essential medical and support services that we offer at COLFS. To continue our life-saving mission, we need your prayers and financial support now more than ever.

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Thank you for your faithful support of our work at Culture of Life Family Services. The difficulties this past year presented were substantial, but the love and prayers we received from YOU, our partners in mission, inspired us to journey forward in the face of adversity.

For Life,

Kylie Armstrong

COLFS Ministry Operations Manager